4 Simple Cleaning Tips to Wipe out Smudges from Wine Glasses


Wine glasses are one of the most beautiful items on the dining table. Now, due to regular use, various types of spots are bound to stay back. Some of them are like cloudy smudges, cloudy smears, scratches, and others. The glasses are made up of sophisticated materials, that is why cleaning them carefully will be an important task, if you want to retain the shine. 

Cleaning the cloudy smudges on the wine glasses is easy. It is better not to opt for any type of chemicals from the market. You can apply some clever home-based ideas, to keep your wine glasses good as new. 

Cloudy Smudges on Wine Glasses: Why?

There are basically various reasons that are responsible for leaving a smudge mark on the glasses and some of them are like the glass washed in the hard water. Actually, the minerals in the hard water release residues that get deposited over the glass. Moreover, if you use too much hot water to wash the glasses, then the glass gets affected. Sometimes, over-cleaning of the wine glasses can also result in cloudy smudges. 

How to Clean them up?

The presence of cloudy smudges on wine glasses will affect its attractiveness. That is why you must eliminate the negative remarks with some clever and eco-friendly ideas. Never try to experiment with the cleaning procedure or use any newly launched cleaning product. 

  • Avoid Hard Water 

Whenever you are willing to clean your wine glasses or any other expensive glass items, try to use fresh water. Never clean these items with water that was stored in a container for a couple of days. 

  • Use Vinegar 

White vinegar is one of the natural cleaning materials for glass items. In addition to that, it also doesn’t contain any kind of harmful chemicals. Pour some amount of white vinegar in a big bowl. Dip the glasses and let it remain as it is for 5 to 10 minutes. After that, take them out and wipe the water by rubbing it with a soft cloth. 

  • Put it in the Dishwasher 

In order to eliminate the cloudy smudges on the wine glasses, you can put them in the dishwasher for washing. But, several cleaning experts suggest that cleaning by hand is the most convenient way to clear the smudges. Make sure that you don’t add any other items with the wine glasses as they are very delicate. The liquid soap must be of good quality. 

  • Lemon Juice and Sea Salt 

Besides vinegar, lemon juice and sea salt are also natural cleaning ingredients. These two items can also make your wine glasses shinier than ever. Moreover, it will also eliminate the cloudy smudges. Just squeeze the juice of half a lemon and add a pinch of sea salt in it. Then, rub the smudgy surface or the entire glass slowly and gently. After that, wash them with fresh water. 

The Ultimate Prevention Tip

What if you take some preventive measures before the occurrence of cloudy smudges, stains, and other kinds of things. Keep all the glasses in a safe place. You can apply a little bit of vegetable oil on the glass surface if you don’t use the glass for a long time. Thus, there won’t be any kind of smudges on it. 

You need to handle them carefully. While serving wine to your guests, make sure that you choose a safe place for keeping them. Any uncertain accident can lead to breaking into pieces. 


If can also avail maid services to help you with all the cleaning activities, tell them to handle the wine glasses carefully. Moreover, being experienced enough the maids can keep your wine glass in a good condition. So, join with Maids in Dubai to eliminate the hassle. The professionals can reduce all your cleaning burden and you can continue with your work with ease.

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