7 Pro Advice from Maids in Dubai to Clean Your Bedroom

bedroom cleaning

The most important aspect of daily cleaning probably starts in the bedroom. Many people believe that cleaning the bedroom can be an overwhelming task. However, it’s more likely an easy and quick task. From making the bed every morning to not leaving any dust in and around the corners, here are some easy pocket-friendly tips that you can apply.

Basically, you must keep your entire house clean and tidy so that you get to enjoy a fresh and hygienic environment whenever you return home after a tiring day. If you are unable to get any free time for cleaning then hire professionals. Maids in Dubai thrive to make a difference and help you in your daily household chores.

But, at first, let’s attempt to clean the bedroom all by ourselves. So, keep reading to know “how”.

How Can You Clean Your Bedroom?

If you thoroughly follow the below guidelines then within an hour, you can clean all your bedroom bases, including the furniture, floors and walls, too. When you are done implementing the rules given in this bedroom cleaning guide, you can enjoy a relaxing ambience.

  1. Make your Bed Every Morning

The first step towards the bedroom cleaning is that you should make the bed every morning. To do the task, you just have to spend a few minutes. Apart from this, it will also feel motivated to keep everything in its respective place. Making your bed is something that renders instant cleanliness to your bedroom.

  1. Clean Out the Trash

In case, you don’t have a small wastebasket in your bedroom, we advise you to bring one. You might eat snacks or chips in your bedroom and the packets can make your room dirty. Hence, after devouring the food, you must throw these packets into the wastebasket. Afterwards, throw the waste outside. Maids in Dubai suggest you keep extra trash bags in the bottom of the wastebasket. 

  1. Take Out the Dirty Clothes

Apart from the above two ways, we also advise you to check the bedroom floor and pick up all the dirty clothes and after that place them in the cleaning basket. It will be easier for you to find dirty clothes when you need them to be cleaned.

  1. Put Away the Clean Clothes

Now, your clothes receive a good cleaning from the laundry, you are advised to give some time and put away the clean clothes that are laying around. Fold and keep the shirts and pants within the dresser drawers. To give your bedroom an organized look, you have to ensure that none of the clothes is on your bed or laying here and there.

  1. Change the Bedsheets

Though, you take shower before sleeping as well as keep food away from your bed, still your bed sheets need to be changed and washed regularly. Hence, we suggest you give some time and remove the bedsheets. Take out the sheets, pillowcases, and comforter. In case, you have a duvet with a cover, you should take out the cover and then wash it along with the sheets. Occasionally, you need to wash the comforter. 

  1. Clean the Curtains

Like any other furniture and other decor accessories, curtains and light fixtures, in your bedroom can also collect dust. You should take a duster and lightly clean them. Else, you might use a low setting vacuum cleaner and clean them. This is an essential part of cleaning to help you get a fresh look.

  1. Clean the Mirrors & Windows

If you keep the windows open all the time, then your bedroom mirror can become dirty or clogged. Hence, use a streak-free cleaning agent and remove the dust or debris from the glass-panelled doors and windows from your bedroom. Don’t forget to remove dust from the mirrors as well. In case you have children and pets, you should give extra efforts, to safeguard them from any kind of microbes and contamination.


Your Bedroom is the place where you can feel relaxed and love to make long conversations with your family. And if it’s become dirty, not only your bedroom environment will suffer, but also you might get affected by several health issues. Hopefully, with these cleaning tips, you can keep dust particles away from your bedroom. Additionally, you can also seek help from the professionals. Join with Maids in Dubai to provide your family with a healthy and safe life.

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