9 Effective Ironing Tips and Hacks You Should Try Out Right Now

Ironing Tips

Ironing your clothes is one of the most important yet simple daily tasks. All you need to do is connect your electric iron to the electric source and proceed. Apart from selecting the right fabric type, you must also take care of a few other things while ironing. You can also use various tips and tricks to make ironing your clothes easier. 

Most of the hacks given below will help you prevent any ironing disasters. So, you must try them out if you have not done that yet. These tricks can also be helpful if you struggle to get perfectly ironed clothes.

1. Keep the Iron Clean

Do you get strange marks on your clothes after ironing them? Then, your iron might have dirt on its plate, and you should clean them. If the plate has a rusty surface, you might need to get a new iron. Cleaning your iron is quite simple, and you must do it regularly. 

Get a cloth and use it to wipe the iron plate with water. You can also use a white vinegar solution for this task to get better results. Make sure to mix equal parts of white vinegar and water if you prefer this method. 

Wipe the iron’s plate properly until it has a perfectly clean surface. You should not find any marks on your clothes after that. 

2. Enable Steam

Many irons feature the option to use steam, which is effective in removing wrinkles from clothes. So, you must enable this feature if you find removing wrinkles quite difficult. However, you must keep in mind that there are other ways to achieve that. In other words, your iron does not need the steam feature to remove wrinkles. 

3. Spritz the Clothes with Water

Are you looking for an easy way to get rid of wrinkles from your clothes? If your iron does not have the steam feature, you must get a spray bottle. You can then use it to spitz water on your clothes before ironing. This would create the same effect that steam irons do and make it easier to remove wrinkles. 

You must try out this trick if you do not have a steam iron. However, avoid spritzing too much water on your clothes as they might remain wet otherwise. This hack is best suited and most needed for removing wrinkles from shirts. 

4. Save Wrinkled and Sturdy Clothes for Later

You probably need to iron multiple clothes at one go regularly. In such situations, you must iron them in a specific order – the less wrinkled ones first. And, that should help you get better performance while ironing more wrinkled clothes. This is an essential ironing hack you must remember to follow every time. 

Do you struggle with removing wrinkles from clothes or ironing sturdy ones? This trick is an essential one for you. After all, the iron gets hotter and becomes more effective with time after being powered on. 

5. Get a Good Ironing Board and Board Cover

The board you use plays a crucial role in the results you get. So, you must get a good ironing board and a good cover. There are various things to look for while buying the board. Sturdiness is one of the most important considerations you must make, among others. Apart from that, the board should also be lightweight and have an adjustable height. 

You can find ironing boards with various types of materials used on the top. However, the ones with metal tops are the best for the task. As for the cover, you must find one that is sturdy and has a thick lining. Unbleached cotton or Teflon is the best material for ironing board covers. 

6. Shake Your Clothes after Washing

You might usually put your clothes from the washing machine straight into the dryer. In that case, you should consider shaking them before doing that. And, that will prevent the dryer from wrinkling your clothes or at least minimise the wrinkles. 

This is yet another important hack for those struggling with wrinkled clothes. Many people have tried and tested it to find it quite effective. So, it will be quite useful for making your daily ironing tasks easier. 

7. No Circular Motions

Do you make circular motions while ironing your clothes? If yes, you should avoid doing that further as it might stretch your clothes. Ironing your clothes this way for a long time can affect their fit. So, you must go for straight and long strokes instead. And, that is the best way to iron your clothes as people have realised now. 

8. Place Rolled-Up Towels in Sleeves

Achieving perfectly ironed sleeves can be quite difficult for many people. You might often end up wrinkling your shirts’ sleeves while ironing them. In that case, you must start ironing sleeves with rolled-up towels placed in them. This is a very simple hack and offers great results; all you need is a pair of towels. 

Roll the towels in a way that they fill up all of the sleeves. Then run the iron over the sleeves and ensure the trick is working. You will surely achieve smooth sleeves within a shorter time and with significantly less effort. 

9. Hang Your Clothes Immediately after Ironing

Your clothes can develop wrinkles and creases even after you iron them. So, you must not be careless with them after the ironing. Otherwise, you might need extra time and effort to iron them again. Hanging them up right away can help prevent the need for doing that. This step is essential for avoiding creases and wrinkles on your clothes after ironing. 

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