Guide to Hiring Family Nannies in the UAE

Family Nannies

Finding a family nanny in the UAE is not difficult if you are looking for one. There are a lot of agencies that can help you book experienced nannies. So you must consider hiring one, especially if both you and your spouse are working. 

Many families have benefited a lot by hiring nannies for their children. Regular housemaids can often take care of your child, but it is better to hire someone with specialised skills. 

Getting a family nanny is not quite easy. You have to proceed through the right way to find the right person for the job. So, go through this guide if you need help with hiring a family nanny.  

Who are Nannies and Why should You Hire them?

As opposed to regular housemaids, nannies focus on bringing up your child. They are trained to do that and usually have certification to prove it. 

So, you would find them more reliable for raising your child. Professional nannies are supposed to handle a wide range of child care tasks, which usually includes:  

Preparing Meals and Snacks

Nutrition is the most important thing to provide your child. Many working parents might need assistance with preparing meals and snacks for their children. A professional nanny can make it easier to deal with in such situations. 

Among other things, nannies are also usually trained in preparing healthy food for your children. After all, there is quite a high demand for this service among working women. 

Taking Care of Hygiene and Health

Children need a hygienic and healthy environment while growing up, which a nanny can ensure them. This is a very important task that you might often struggle with. However, you need not worry in such cases as you can simply hire a nanny. 

The more professional and experienced nanny you hire, the better hygiene and health you can ensure for your child. Most professional nannies can bathe, feed and give toilet training to children. 

Providing Early Educational Training

Childrens’ learning process should start before they start going to school. This is yet another important task which many parents might need help with. You can start your child’s early educational training right away by hiring a professional nanny. 

However, you must make sure that the person you hire is certified for this task. After all, you need someone competent enough to support you through a child’s development phase.

How do You Find a Nanny in the UAE?  

Most people might prefer to find nannies for their children through family and friends. While that is a good way to find reliable help, you can also approach a reputed agency. They can usually offer you a wider range of options. Moreover, you have higher chances of finding the type of nanny you are looking for through an agency. 

Finding and hiring a family nanny involves various steps if you want to do it right. The following are some of the essential ones among them:

Decide What You are Looking for

Not all nannies are equally qualified and experienced for the tasks you want them to handle. So, you must first determine which tasks you need your nanny to handle. This will help you look for the person with the right skills and experience. You must also decide whether you want someone working part-time or full-time. There are plenty of options in both categories to choose from. 

Contact an Agency or Proceed By Yourself

Do you want to hire a part-time nanny? Contacting an agency is the only legal way for you to proceed. Otherwise, you can choose to find a nanny by yourself based on your requirements.  

Even if you want to hire someone full-time, contacting an agency is usually more convenient. After all, that would reduce the paperwork you must deal with during the hiring process. Your agency will have to handle that instead in such cases. 

Outline Your Requirements Properly on Your Ad

You can post ads to find a suitable nanny for your family. If you prefer that method, you must make sure to outline what you are looking for. Provide all the necessary details that that person you are hiring needs to know. 

Now, that must include the task that they would have to handle among other things. Also, make sure to post your ad at a location somewhere it will receive enough attention. 

Take Care of the Legalities

As mentioned previously, you have to handle the legalities by yourself if you hire a nanny directly – including the rights that the person holds who has been working for you. Also, you must not agree to a nanny who wants to work on another person’s visa, that is illegal. You have to pay a fine if you get caught. 

Ask the Important Questions

Talking with the person you hire is a very important step that you must not leave out. Moreover, you need to ask the essential questions to your nanny. Here are the things that you must inquire them about –

Experience and Salary Expectations

You might want to look for a nanny with over a specific experience in a field. Apart from that, you should also discuss the salary expectations before you hire them. In the UAE, the minimum salary of a nanny depends on her nationality.


According to the law, your nanny can take at least 30 days of leave in a year. You must also discuss whether they require any extra holidays apart from that. 

Their Daily Necessities

Is your family nanny going to live with you? Then, you must make sure to inquire about her daily necessities, including food and accommodation among various other things. 

Hire a Family Nanny through Maids in Dubai Agency

You need not go through the hassle of hiring a nanny by yourself when there are agencies available. Maids in Dubai can help you find the type of family nanny you need. So, you must reach out to them to make the hiring procedure much easier and shorter. 

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