Have a Pet Cat? Expert Ways to Remove the Urine Smell from Carpet Wood & Upholstery

urine smell

When you share your house with your favourite pets, then you need to clean the fur, urine as well as poop. And, if you have a cat in your house, then it’s quite obvious that your cat will pee on the carpet, wood or other upholstery and you need to clean that up.

But, what about the smell! You already know that the smell of the cat pee is not only strong but long-lasting as well. And, you have to spend a lot of time and effort removing that. Moreover, it’s essential that the cat urine can be a health hazard for many people. 

Fortunately, we are about to discuss effective tactics that you can try to wipe out cat urine and its smell from the wood, carpet and upholstery.

Is Cat Urine Harmful to Your Health?

Cat pee is formed of a number of substances and urea is the primary component. A recent survey proved that a nitrogenous waste is present within the cat urine. Apart from this, when the urea is broken down this can produce amines. Because of this, cat urine is so smelly. 

Remember that, the more powerful the cat’s urine the stronger the smell will be. However, the urine combination totally depends on the health status and diet structure of your cat. Like, if your cat doesn’t drink much water, then the smell will be stronger. And, this ammonia smell can be responsible for your different health issues. 

Cat Pee- A Possible Allergen

According to experts, cat pee can be a possible allergen. And this can lead to several health problems like- coughing, watery eyes, headaches and many others. 

Keep in mind, if with the right cleaning product, you don’t immediately remove the cat urine, the smell will remain. According to the director of Maids in Dubai, a home improvement service provider, the simplest way to deal with the situation is to use a stain remover with enzymes.

Effective Ways to get rid of the cat Urine

If you encounter cat urine on the carpet, wood or upholstery, then you must quickly remove it. Otherwise, this will influence the cat to pee in the same place again and again. Fortunately, by using the following tips, you can permanently remove the cat pee and smell, within a short period of time.

  • Remove cat pee from Carpet

Now, if you see your cat pee on the carpet, then we advise you to use odour removal product, as well as an enzyme-based product on the affected area. The enzymes based pet stain cleaner will eliminate the acid within the urine, as well as neutralize the germs and bacteria. Once done, then you have to place a damp cloth over the affected area and after that let it sit overnight.

Furthermore, you must remove the towel from that spot and vacuum the place. Keep in mind, don’t ever use a steam cleaner. As the heat of the steam-cleaner can permanently set the smells. After finishing the vacuuming, you should sprinkle some baking soda on that specific spot. Wait for another one hour and then wipe down the baking soda with a dry cloth.

  • Tips to remove cat urine from Wood

In case, the wooden floors are sealed, then we advise you to use a trustable wooden floors cleaner, with a damp cloth and remove the cat pee. However, if the wooden floors are not sealed, then after applying the cleaning solution, you must sprinkle some white vinegar on the smelly spot. Then, wait for 20 to 25 minutes. Thereafter, clean the place with a dry cloth and after that add more vinegar and carefully wash it.

Unfortunately, if this cleaning remedy doesn’t work for you, then you are left with no other option rather than to sand the affected part down, to clean the wood and remove the smell.

  • Remove cat pee from Upholstery

In case, you can remove the cushion, then remove them as soon as possible, and then take the cushions to the dry cleaner. Also, if you notice stains on the sofa, then we advise you to use enzymes based pet stain cleaner on the affected area. Wait for a few minutes and after that, clean the spot with a damp cloth.


We have already discussed how the cat urine smell can stay longer, as well as how it can affect your health. These remedies are based on years of research and many people even found these remedies beneficial. However, if you feel uncomfortable removing the cat urine, you are always free to hire a professional cleaner. Maids in Dubai help you with experts, who use advanced tools and cleaning products to wipe out the urine as well as smell, at the earliest.

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