How to Make Your Home Festive Ready?

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December is the month meant for parties, celebrations and get-togethers. And, 25th December, Christmas, is one of the most awaited times of the year. It is celebrated all over the world irrespective of all religions. This period of time is crazy as already mentioned, it is the time of family gatherings. 

You have so many things to do, so many guests to attend. However, you need to prepare a lot and make your home ready for Christmas. It almost feels like a never-ending process. Thus, to make your life a little bit easier a few things are listed below to help you out. Moreover, you can also book a maid service to assist you. 

8 Decorating Task for Your Home during Christmas

Decorating your home and making it Christmas ready is super fun and exciting. Often, you have to attend some invited guests and some uninvited, and for that, you need your home to be ready and immaculate. To start with, you must have a to-do-list. This will help you to keep things organized.

1. Windows Cleaning 

Maintaining hygiene is a must nowadays. In today’s day where we are fighting with this deadly virus, keeping ourselves free from germs, is very necessary. In the festival months, you have to be very careful about this. If people come to your house, and they notice something inappropriate, it won’t be a good impression for you. 

You can first start with clearing your windows. Cleaning windows is not very difficult. It is very easy and simple. Spray some glass cleaner and rub it with newspaper. Yes! You heard it right, by using a newspaper you can clear the stains on your window.

2. Door Decoration   

The very first thing which your guests will notice even before entering your house is your main door. You can use your creativity to make your door attractive and impressive. Try to use floral stuff, light wreaths to make your front door look beautiful and bring out the vibe of the festive season. Wreaths are truly very beautiful and very attractive, they are usually circular in shape, and it will help to decorate your door.  

3. Don’t forget the Main Space 

Focus on clearing the main room, which is mostly used. You can wait for any maid service or you can do it yourself. Now, to clean your kitchen and bathroom, you can use water and vinegar. Isn’t it simple and affordable! You can vacuum your sofa and chair which are mostly used by your guests. 

If you have four-legged friends, make sure that you remove all the fur from your furniture. For the carpets and the rugs, you can simply use home stuff. Vinegar and baking soda are very useful to remove stains on them. 

As it is a festival time, rather it is time for Christmas, so you can place a Christmas tree and decorate it with ornaments. Try to hang socks to make it apt for a Christmas party. You can also put some scented candles for additional decoration. 

4. What about the Walls? 

The walls get dirty easily. Cleaning your walls and maintaining them is one of the key aspects that you need to take care of to make your house lively and glow. To get rid of the mould from your bathroom walls, you just need to mix water and spirit or alcohol. Yes, you heard that right. Alcohol is not only used at a party but also to clean the walls of the house. 

You can also use some soothing room freshener. Use some ornaments to make your wall even more attractive — Like some wall hanging, some floral lights, etc. If you think that the entire process is too tiring, then Maid service can also benefit you. 

5. Interior Renovation 

Interior renovation is also a very important part. It is not only about designing or adding graphics to your wall, or to simply paint your room, but also to bring positivity. It’s like refreshing yourself before a new start. You can change the colour of your room, or you can pick a trend and act according to it. Then, you can decorate the entire house with all the Christmas materials to make it even more dazzling. 

6. Make the Utensils Spick and Span

To impress your guests and make a good impression your food must be good. Before that, you need to serve them properly and in proper plates. The simple trick is to use some water and some baking soda to remove all the scratch marks so that the plates can shine on the dinner table. To make your work easy, stock some meals in the freezer. It will help you to serve the last-minute guest.

Out of all of these things, the first thing that your guest will remember from your party is your food. Christmas dinners have a huge attraction and the main dish is fruitcake, a Christmas pudding etc. You can even bake ham with brown sugar or even roasted beef. Plating good food is a must.

7. Wrapping Gifts

You also can keep a place to store all the gift wrapping materials. It will make your work easy and you can do the work in a systematic way. It is obvious that you are going to buy a gift for your close ones, and to make it even more enticing you just need to make a little effort and wrap it. It is important to greet your guests well so that they can’t find any flaws.   

8. Decorate your Fireplace

You can even decorate your fireplace in different colours. You can use both brighter and neutral colours or even you can experiment something new. Creativity always surprises people. You can use red brick colour or something out of the box. 


Festival season is the time for celebration. It is time to party with your friends, spending time with your family, taking rest and relaxing. Take a break and enjoy the moment. Small things give you a lot of happiness. So, clean and decorate your house, entertain your guest, have fun and remember it is a holiday meant for everyone. And, in case you need a helping hand, book an immediate help from Maids in Dubai. Being professional, they know where to start and end the entire cleaning process.

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