Organize & Declutter Bedroom Looks: 8 Effective Tips

Organize & Declutter Bedroom Looks

Your bedroom should have a touch of inspiration to get a positive vibe every day. Whether you want to organise everything in your bedroom or move into a new home, your bedroom should be in tip-top shape.

Handling interior decor for your bedroom is easier than you can imagine. Are you stressed out because of a smaller bedroom? Then, you must consider each inch of your bedroom to keep it organised or have better functionality.

Make the most of your bedroom space with the following tips for a comfortable and hygienic bedroom:

  1. Utilise the Space under Your Bed

Your bedroom has a hidden area that you can easily access and store your essentials. The storage space under the bed is perfect for organising your winter clothes, extra bed sheets, towels, and much more. You can purchase a rolling storage container. It won’t consume additional space for things you keep in your cupboard.

Or, you can invest in a platform bed with dedicated storage or drawers. In addition, lift-up storage beds are a great idea to keep your essentials handy yet out of sight and organised.

  1. Tackle Your Bedroom Decor – Section by Section

Don’t try handling your overall bedroom at once. Let’s play divide and conquer to arrange things in your bedroom. For example, start with a closet and organise its contents. After that, you can gradually move on to dresser drawers, wardrobes, etc. This is a smart way to tackle your storage areas first.

Next, you can handle flat surfaces such as the tops of dressers and tables. This includes bookshelves in your bedroom, if there are any. Lastly, you can concentrate on the area under your bed. Thus, you will know what you have to store there.

  1. Choose a Headboard with Extra Storage

Revamping your entire bedroom look might seem challenging. However, a little extra space can do wonders. For example, you can upgrade your bedroom by just adding a headboard. Headboards are trendy in interior decor and will provide you with the storage you never asked for.

Yet, you’ll thank us for the idea. You can easily place your favourite photo and plants on the headboard. In addition, you might be looking for a space where you can keep your novels, smartphones, and other essential items. Keep your bedroom decluttered and neat with a dedicated headboard.

  1. Take Special Care of Your Wardrobe

No doubt, you keep all your precious or casual clothes inside the closet or wardrobe in the bedroom. Dusty vintage clothes might pollute the overall bedroom air. Consequently, all your effort toward an organised bedroom might go in vain. Therefore, consider professional cleaning of all your garments inside the closet.

Afterwards, you can hang them using hangers or keep them in storage boxes. Ensure that the storage boxes are acid-free if you prefer boxes. Otherwise, you can wrap your clothes in acid-free tissue paper before putting them into boxes. Check your wardrobe regularly and make sure that all the clothes are damage-free.

  1. Rethink Your Nightstand

Cleaning and decorating your bedroom should result in a more functional and clutter-free environment. You have to take care of the space utilised in your bedroom and make sure that storage should take as little space as possible. That’s why adding a nightstand to your bedroom might prove helpful.

A nightstand can be a tall dresser where you can organise your everyday clothes. Or, you can place a vertical bookshelf stand instead of a pillow-height nightstand. On the other hand, you can use the space just above your bed. 

If you don’t have too many items to put on your vertical nightstand, then a floating shelf can also do the job. Place smartphones or charge them while you’re sleeping. Just don’t forget to avail some cable clips for neat cable management.

  1. Have a Blanket Basket

A blanket is all you need to save yourself from the cold. However, you might be confused about where to place your blanket when it’s not in use. Throwing the blanket here and there will make your bedroom untidy again.

You can’t risk that, right? Therefore, you can invest in a basket to store your blankets. On the other hand, baskets can work in a versatile way. You can put away anything in the basket when you don’t require them right now. 

For example, you can use baskets and bins for storing your furry friend’s toys. Apart from baskets, you can consider a rack to hang your blankets and quilts on it.

  1. Keep a Trash Bin at a corner

You might be looking for a convenient space to throw tissues, pieces of paper, and any other trash. An efficient trash bin might help you in this circumstance. Search for a bathroom-size trash can. The bigger the size will be, the more visible and noticeable it will be to you and your guests. 

Look for the right size so that you can hide the trash can under your bed. Or, you can place it right next to the dresser or nightstand.

  1. Make Your Bed Every Day

It’s your bedroom and your bed can’t be neglected. To keep it organised, you have to clean the bed every single day. This will help to keep your bedroom clean and organised without engaging in too much hassle. Ensure that you make your bed every day, it is indeed a hygienic practice.

Position your pillows and tuck the bed sheet firmly. Don’t forget to fold blankets and place them in their respective places. Making your bed every day will take a few minutes and keep your bed tidy and clean. Additionally, you will grow a healthy habit of keeping order in the bedroom.

Hire Maids for a Cleaner Bedroom

Organising starts with a thorough cleaning process. If you are too busy to handle cleaning, consider hiring maids from Maids in Dubai. The professionals will take care of cleaning so that you can start organising your bedroom as soon as possible. Book a package at the best rate only with Maids in Dubai.

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