Want to Reduce Ironing Time? 7 Tips to Follow

Reduce Ironing Time

Everybody loves their white shirts ironed and free from wrinkles, yet nobody likes ironing. The entire process of ironing can take ages, but it might not give you the quality results you deserve. However, you can’t deny the importance of ironing, among other household chores.

If you stress out more while ironing, you might invite more creases to your pile of clothes. Check out the following tips and tricks shared by professionals to reduce the ironing time efficiently.

1. Decide Your Wardrobe Carefully

When you are trying to curb the ironing time, deciding on your garments and clothes from the beginning is always better. Check whether the fabric is polyester, knits, wool, or cotton while selecting your clothes.

Blended clothes such as polycotton are easier to iron than handling 100% cotton. Take care of the fabric of clothes you are selecting for your closet. Additionally, you should also avoid clothes with delicate fabrics, lots of layers, and gathers, especially when you consider them for everyday use.

2. Pay Attention to Wash Settings

Who doesn’t like the high washing speed for a fast and effective laundry schedule? However, setting washing cycles to their highest spin speed can trigger more creases and wrinkles in your clothes. Therefore, you should reduce the washing spin speed.

You will undoubtedly get fewer creased garments when applying a low spin speed. On the other hand, you should bring out all your clothes as soon as the washing cycle ends. Well, this applies to both washing and drying cycles. Make sure you shake your clothes after removing your clothes from the washer and dryer.

However, there’s a myth that overloading the washing machine might lead to fewer creases. It might seem that the clothes will have no room to move freely, and it will reduce wrinkles. Yet, this will create more wrinkles, so you shouldn’t overload your washing machine.

3. Hang Dry Clothes Immediately

The fewer wrinkles your clothes will have, the less time you have to spare for ironing. Thus, you must remember that your clothes retain fewer creases and wrinkles. Ensure that you immediately hang dry your clothes. If you leave clothes inside the washing machine, the wrinkles will be set on your clothes. Therefore, you have to spend long hours ironing.

Hanging clothes dry will help in rolling out creases. In addition, it assists in pegging clothes from their bottoms, and the creases will drop out. Moreover, it’s a great idea to hang dry clothes outside if possible.

Mostly, Dubai has sunny weather, ideal for drying your clothes without being concerned about creases. Sun-drying your clothes is the best practice to prevent unwanted wrinkles and creases. Consider a rack while laying clothes flat on it for a fast ironing experience.

4. Get a High-Quality Iron

Are you dealing with your entire laundry with that old-fashioned iron? Then, it is no more a secret why ironing takes an eternity for you. A rickety iron will increase your laundry loads because you have to repeatedly iron the same cloth.

Instead of relying on an old iron, it’s time to move on with a best-quality steam iron. A good steam iron will take less time and effort to make your wardrobe picture-perfect. Additionally, you’ll have extra time to pursue something you love.

However, you can try another trick if you can’t think of a good steam iron right now. Try ironing slightly damped clothes with your old iron. Or, you can spray a little water on your cloth before ironing it.

5. Bring Changes to Ironing Strokes

Are you going for circular motions more often while ironing? Then, you’re doing it wrong. Circular strokes with an iron will not spare your garments from already set creases. Rather, it will make your garnet’s fabric stretch more. Worse, your clothes might wear out more easily than ever.

Therefore, what is the best way to iron your clothes without damaging them?  Experts suggest that you opt for a long straight stroke for quick ironing. Simply, move your iron back and forth on your clothes. Additionally, try to keep longer strokes.

6. Flat Iron Cuffs and Collars

You might have terrible experiences while you tried ironing your shirt’s collars and cuffs with a full-size iron. Handling wrinkles on collars and cuffs is not easy with an iron. Irons might create additional creases on the collar and cuffs. Not to mention, it will make you late, and you might have to compromise with your dressing style.

Well, this won’t happen anymore because we have a genius hack to keep your shirt’s collar and cuffs crease-free. Use a flat iron instead of a steam iron while struggling with ironing collars and cuffs. It will take only a minute and yet, your shirt will look super professional.

7. Don’t Forget to Clean Your Iron

With time and piles of clothes, it’s common for your iron to grow limescale. The limescale build-up will restrict the iron from functioning properly. Additionally, chances are there that the iron might spit out sediment on your freshly washed clothes. 

Therefore, you should clean your iron from time to time. Most irons have an anti-calc system or self-cleaning mechanism to get rid of the build-up. As an alternative, you can pour water and vinegar in a 50-50 proportion into the iron chamber. Make sure that you pour the solution up to the chamber’s three-quarters capacity.

Then, you have to turn the heat to its medium temperature. Allow it to steam for 5 to 10 minutes unless the vinegar evaporates. After that, fill the chamber with fresh water and set it to steam again. It should flush out all the sediments and deposits. Finish off by cleaning the iron’s base with a paper towel.

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