Remove Stains from Carpet with Home-made Products

remove strains from carpet

Let’s face it, regardless of whether it’s a stained coffee mug or sloppy paw prints on rugs and carpets, these look awful. You can easily remove the stains from the coffee mug but what about the carpet?

Sit for a while and think, what happens if all these, including allergens, dirt, dust, pet and human hair are hiding deep within the carpet fibre? These will simply lead to a lot of health problems and affect the well-being of the family- especially if you have children and aged parents.

Fortunately, there are multiple home-made carpet cleaning solutions that you can attempt to apply to remove stains from the carpet. And, the best part is that, to apply these cleaning solutions, you don’t need to purchase special solvents or sprays. By using a few ingredients that are probably available in the kitchen, you can remove stains from your carpets.

Why Is It Necessary to Remove Stains from Carpet?

As said earlier, if you haven’t regularly cleaned your carpets, you and your family members might suffer from dust allergies and things can get even worse for the one suffering from asthma. 

Let’s look at the advantages associated with daily carpet cleaning:

  • Provide a fresh look
  • Improve the carpet smell
  • Prevent the spread of bacteria and allergens
  • No need for frequent carpet replacement

Organic Ways to Remove Stains from Carpet

Before starting the cleaning process, you have to first identify whether the carpet is made of natural or synthetic fibres. Afterwards, understand the ingredient and their perfect combination to remove the stains from your carpets.

Remove Stains from Synthetic Carpets

First, you have to stir ¼ teaspoon of a translucent liquid dishwashing detergent, for example, Joy or Dawn within a cup of hot water. Else, you can take one cup of white vinegar with 2 cups of warm water. In addition, you have to take a white cloth and drop it within the mixture.  Afterwards, use the cloth to remove the stains. Repeat the process twice or thrice. But, never directly pour the mixture on the carpet.

Remove Stains from the Natural-Fiber Carpets

In order to wipe down stains from the natural-fibre carpets, mix ¼ cup of water with ¼ cup of white vinegar. Apart from this, you can prepare a combination of 1 tablespoon of household with a half cup of warm water. Thereafter, take a dry white and soft cloth, dip it within the stirred mixture. After that, use that cloth on the affected area and try to wipe down the stains.

Wipe Down Drink & Food Stains from the Carpet

If you notice drink and food stains on your synthetic fibre carpet, then check the below instructions in order to remove coffee, tea, beer, ketchup, juice, tomato sauce stains. First, you need to take a white cloth and soak it with the home-made detergent solution. Next, rapidly coat it on the affected area. Wait for 20 to 25 minute and let the solution break the stains. Now, use another dry cloth and wipe down the excessive liquid.

Also, prepare a vinegar solution and then dip a dry cloth within the solution. Rub the cloth on the carpet stains. It’s an essential step as vinegar wipes down residual detergents that might be left on the carpet. You should repeat the procedure as long as you notice the stain and other marks.

Now, if your carpet is made of natural-fibre, then you should spray the detergent solution on the stained area and after that wipe it with a dry cloth. Wait for 10 minutes and let the carpet dry. Then, spray a vinegar solution over the carpet. Again, remove the remaining detergent debris from the carpet.

Tips to Wipe Down Pet Stains from Carpet

Most of the pet owners don’t know how to remove the pet stains from the carpet. However, there are certain tactics that you can try to completely remove the stains. To do so, at first, you need to clean up the initial mess. Also, if you notice any debris on the carpet, wear gloves and pick it up. 

Then, mix one ¼ cup of vinegar with one cup of lukewarm water. After that, spray the mixture on the stain. Wait until the affected area gets completely dry.  Wipe down any leftover marks with a dry and soft cloth.

Take Out Blood Stains from the Carpet

Keep in mind, while trying to remove blood stains from the carpet, always use cold water instead of using hot or warm water. This is essential as with heat, the blood coagulates. On the other hand, cold water will prevent the blood from saturating within the carpet fibres.

Then, take a spritzer bottle and fill it with 2 tsp of liquid dish detergent, for example, Dawn and cold water and thereafter spray it over the carpet. Now, allow it to sit for half an hour, and then wipe down the area with a dry cloth.


These are the natural ways to remove stains from your carpet. However, if you face any difficulties while applying the above-mentioned solution, you can seek help from the Maids in Dubai. Professionals are well-adequate with the latest and advanced techniques to clean a carpet.

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