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Have you recently moved to Dubai? Then, you must have opted for an unprecedented home-decoration idea to obtain an alluring outlook. And, when it comes to home decor, just a few pieces of versatile and well-designed rugs and carpets always remain at the top of the list. The majority of the rug and carpet material holds the capacity to effectively prevent the damage to the floorings. Thus, out of all the home-accessories rugs and carpets can absorb a great extent of dirt, dust, pet hair, and even grime. 

Without adequate cleaning and maintenance, these floor coverings will eventually decline in its beauty and their estimated longevity. And, if it’s not clean from time to time, it will become the breeding ground for hazardous bacteria. As a result, this can lead to susceptible air-borne diseases such as asthma or chronic allergies. 

Simply, consider the professionals help from Maids in Dubai for rug cleaning Dubai and give yourself a germ-free rug and carpet. We have a team of cleaning experts who share professional expertise in making your home germ-free. And, it is highly recommended opting for carpet and rug cleaning after every 3 months to enhance the living standard. 

When you will be assured that your house is contamination-free, concentrating on other essential work won’t be cumbersome. Schedule an appointment with us now and perceive notable carpet cleaning services in return. 

Size Of The Carpet


Large – 10×15 ft

179 AED

Medium – 08×12 ft

139 AED

Small – 05×10 ft

79 AED

Maids in Dubai, Cover a Wide Spectrum of Carpet Cleaning Services

Do you have a furry friend in your house? Then, it’s high time to book our carpet cleaning services to remove the excessive pet hairs from the rugs and carpets. Although, carpet or rug cleaning services in Dubai is quite an easy procedure, still without the implementation of the appropriate cleaning tool it seems impossible. This is the prime reason why professional intervention is a must-requisite to carry out the cleaning in a seamless manner. 

Along with that, high humidity level and extreme dust-dirt exposure in Dubai helps in developing the mold growth rapidly. In this climate, intensive moisture levels can even damage the carpet and rug fibers. And, if the fibers are not vacuumed, cleaned, and dried properly, you might have to spend on a new one. But, you don’t have to fret over anything — Maids in Dubai got you covered. 

carpet cleaning

How we Assist You?

We have deployed the best maids for carpet cleaning in Dubai who are reliable, knowledgeable, and cooperative. Alongside, they have excellent communication skills and have learned various languages to increase the customer satisfaction level. Especially, during the spring and winter months, a large number of Dubai natives, prefer impeccable rug cleaning Dubai service experts. Enhance the visual appearance of your residential space, by joining our service network. 

However, before the completion of the booking and the payment procedure, it’s important to know what are the carpet cleaning services in Dubai that are embedded in our rug cleaning Dubai. 

Technically, we have provided thorough training to our carpet cleaning in Dubai team about 5 major carpet cleaning strategies, this includes:


Generally, this sort of carpet cleaning process starts with vacuuming. Right after the accomplishment of the vacuuming, we implement non-chemical and eco-friendly products to eliminate the contaminants accurately. Our cleaning experts, then place the carpets and rugs into a rotary agitation machine to extract the remaining dirt. 

Ultimately, this encapsulation process ends with another round of vacuuming. Based on the state of the carpet or rug, our carpet cleaning in Dubai team will apply the appropriate cleaning technique to obtain a satisfying result. 

Bonnet or Dry Cleaning

With the assistance of this cleaning method, maintaining the rug and carpet fibers has become extremely possible. No doubt, why bonnet cleaning is highly preferred these days. Technically, our full and part-time maids first vacuum the carpet and then apply a non-hazardous cleaning solution. 

During this process, we maintain stringent safety precautions to prevent the rug material. After keeping the solution for a reasonable time, they indulge in using an absorbent pad or bonnet to remove the accumulated soils. No matter, which type of rug or carpet you own, we have an accurate solution and strategy for cleaning. 

Warm Water Extraction Process

Well, you must have heard that, in the high-temperature, even the hazardous germs and bacteria can be eliminated. Likewise, this cleaning approach also involves carpet cleaning with moderately hot water (mostly 100 degrees Celsius) to dissolve the dirt. We at Maids in Dubai, first opt for the implementation of cleaning products on the soiled surface. 

Right after that, we use a high-end cleaning tool to thoroughly rinse the contaminated surface. Within a short duration, the carpet gets washed, and then kept at room temperature for drying. Most importantly, we can complete the entire cleaning process way earlier than your estimated time. 

Steam Cleaning

Technically, this sort of cleaning procedure is similar to the warm water extraction process. Although, the estimated temperature for cleaning the carpets and rugs adequately differs. Also, we have equipped premium machines to keep up with the required steaming temperature. 

In most instances, these machines are set to 150 degrees Celsius to achieve productive outcomes. Cleaning capabilities are also quite higher than the hot water extraction process. So, if you have a heavy-weight carpet or rug in your house, steam cleaning is a suitable option that you can get through carpet cleaning services. 

Dry Powder Cleaning

Maids in Dubai, have acquired an immense reputation for catering dry powder cleaning service. And, technically, this sort of cleaning tactic involves “the host system”. During this process, we use an adequate amount of cleaning product with detergent, water, and safe-to-use solvent. 

After mixing these ingredients, it is sprinkled on the carpet surfaces. The prime goal of our cleaning team is to provide a simplified rug cleaning Dubai service. Choose your convenient time-frame, and date, get impeccable carpet cleaning services right away. 

Types of Carpets or Rugs, We Primarily Clean

Rugs and carpets are considered to be one of the most essential items for interior designing. There are various coloured, designed, and carpet and rug material available in the market which have high market value. We, at Maids in Dubai, make sure our customers get exceptional and guaranteed carpet cleaning services. 

Be it a cut or loop style carpet, our professional can remove both stains and dirt proficiently. Each of these carpet and rug materials has different characteristics. Some of them are water-resistant, and some are resistant to moisture, mould, and mildew. Here are a few carpet fibre types for which we have earned a recommended cleaning reputation across Dubai — Olefin, Wool, Nylon and, Acrylic

Additionally, our key specialization area is in cleaning, washing, and rinsing the different rug materials, maintaining authenticity and reliability. And, here is the list of the cost-effective rug fibres, where we have so far intervened in:

  • Microfiber/Polyester Rugs
  • Faux Fur/ Faux Hide Rugs
  • Wool Rugs
  • Polypropylene Rug
  • Jute and Bamboo Rugs
  • Silk Rugs
  • Leather, Hide, and Sheepskin Rugs
  • And, Cotton Rugs

So, make sure, you have mentioned the rug and carpet materials and the type of cleaning process that you want to avail from Maids in Dubai. 

Why Should You Consider Availing our Rug and Carpet Cleaning Service?

Maids in Dubai is one of the largest and pre-eminent cleaning service providers in Dubai who believes in excellence. Moreover, we have collaborated only with trustable, eligible, and highly trained professionals. We have evaluated their professional background and overall service experience before enlisting them with our service network. They also use advanced technology and tools to accomplish the rug or cleaning job with high efficacy.  

Reach Out to the Best Cleaning Services in Dubai

Keeping the carpet and rug consistently clean is essential in safeguarding the health of our family members. Simply, get hold of our well-organized cleaning team. Call 042706946 to get an immediate response for all your service-related queries.

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