Strategies to Wipeout Candle Wax from every Surface

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No matter whether you place your candle, on the dining table, beside the bathtub, or on the mantel, lit candles immediately create a relaxing atmosphere. Instantly, you can change your mood from frustration to refreshed. However, dropped wax that might be stuck on your surface is probably not the thing that you would like. Especially, when the wax starts to gather dust and hair.

Unfortunately, there are no universal solutions to remove the candle wax from your favourite place. However, if you follow a proper strategy, then you will easily wipe down wax from any surface. Remember that, the right strategy depends on the surface where the candle has been dropped. Read to know more. 

Tricks to Remove Candle Wax

If you leave the candle wax too long, then the candle colors might paint on stone counters or wooden tabletops. Hence, once the candle wax hit the surface, you should instantly clean it.  So, if this situation occurs, you just have to take a microfiber cloth and carefully wipe down the candle wax. Else, these are some useful sets of tips that you can try to clean multiple surfaces. 

  • Tips to clean Wax from Stone

Surely, you don’t want candle wax over your stone surface along with a hair. However, in case, candle wax has been dropped on the stone surface, then you must instantly remove it. 

Things you need :

  • Water
  • A plastic bag
  • Microfiber cloths
  • Ice
  • Gentle dishwashing liquid
  • A butter knife

First, you must insert some ice within the plastic bag and place the bag on the spot where the candle has been dropped. Just wait for 5 minutes, and then take a knife. After that, under the wax, you must push the end of the knife and try to loosen the wax. Keep pushing and try to remove the largest amount of wax. Repeat the process for a couple of times and try to unstick the large portion of the candle wax.

In addition, you must prepare a combination of dishwashing liquid with boiling water. Use the microfiber cloth and wash it with soapy water. Afterwards, carefully clean the spot with the microfiber cloth in order to remove the leftover residue.

  • Techniques to Wipe down Candle Wax from Wood

You shouldn’t damage the actual wood when you are trying to remove wax from the wooden tabletops. However, before applying the cleaning procedure, ensure that you have a plastic bag, a hairdryer, a plastic putty knife or an old credit card, a microfiber cloth and ice.

Again, you should fill a plastic bag with ice, and then place it over the affected area. Wait until the candle wax is weak enough to break off. However, don’t wait more than 2 minutes or else you might end up with water stains. 

Then, you must take the plastic putty knife or the side of the credit card and try to carefully wipe down the candle wax. Keep in mind, you shouldn’t use metal on the wooden surface as this might leave a mark on the surface.

Wait for another 3 to 4 minutes, and then take a damp microfiber cloth and remove the leftover wax. Apart from this, when you remove prints or grooves from the wood table, you have to apply heat. Now, you might have to repeat the procedure for a couple of times until you completely remove wax from the wood.

  • Techniques to Wipe down Candle Wax from Glass

Whenever you wish to remove wax from the glass tabletops, you must make sure that you are not scratching the glass. Also, you should ensure that you have a streak-free window cleaner, a hairdryer and microfiber cloth. 

In the beginning, you must aim the hairdryer at the candle wax and set it. Keep calm unless the wax softens. Once, you see that the wax has softened, then you should take a microfiber cloth and remove the wax. Continue repeating the procedure until you remove the last residue of the wax. However, if a loose particle is left, then spray the window cleaner and after that clean the area with a new microfiber cloth.

  • Tactics to Remove Wax from Cotton

To wipe down wax from cotton, just place a brown paper bag on the affected area. Then, press an iron over the bag. This will transfer the wax from cotton to the brown paper bag. You can apply the same procedure in order to remove wax from a painted wall.


Cleaning the candle wax is a tough matter. Therefore, if you are having difficulties in order to remove the wax, don’t be ashamed to take help. Simply, seek help from Maids in Dubai and book a schedule to wipe out wax from any surface of your house and immaculate your residence.

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