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Domestic Worker Plan

In Dubai, you don’t have to struggle to handle your household chores. With excellent cleaning services, domestic workers or maids can make it easier. When you have to take care of office work, kids, or cooking, booking a reliable maid can be the best possible solution. 

If you are about to hire a domestic worker for house help, there must be numerous queries – Do you need a full-time or part-time maid service? Hiring a full-time maid might not be necessary if only cleaning requirements exist. 

On the other hand, part-time maid services might charge more than full-time maid services. In this situation, the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MoHRE) has devised three specific maid or domestic worker packages.

Additionally, MoHRE has modified the law associated with the recruitment process of maids. Let’s see the domestic worker plans you can choose for your family.

Changes Made in the Recruitment Law of Maids

Earlier, there were Tadbeer centres from where residents could hire maids. After MoHRE interfered with Tadbeer centres, residents have to now hire maids from only licensed agencies. 

In other words, MoHRE has replaced Tadbeer centres with agencies. The Cabinet Resolution No. 92 of 2022 came into the act and made licensing mandatory for the work of Domestic Workers Recruitment Offices.

Additionally, MoHRE has requested residents again to hire domestic workers or maids only from licensed agencies on 14 April 2022. All the licensed agencies are approved by the MoHRE. It will definitely secure the rights of domestic workers and employers. On the other hand, residents will get guaranteed services. 

Different Packages for Hiring Domestic Workers or Maids

Besides announcing changes in the UAE Labour Law for domestic workers, MoHRE has divided services into three different packages. The Ministry has planned all these three packages after reviewing the requirements and working modules. 

Here are the packages in detail for those who want to hire a maid service accordingly:

Traditional Package

The traditional package might suit you if you are looking for a full-time maid. Under this package, the maid has to stay at the employer’s place during the contract period. The contract period is generally two years. Additionally, the domestic worker or maid is registered on the record of the employer.

However, employers can replace the domestic worker during the probation period of the first six months, based on the conditions imposed by the Ministry, and they are:

  • If the domestic worker terminates the contract without any valid reason
  • If the maid leaves during working without an acceptable reason
  • In case the worker can’t carry on with the tasks as agreed between the employer and the recruiting agency
  • Additionally, the worker is not fit enough to handle cleaning services efficiently

If any of the instances are true, then an employer can terminate the contract within the probation period. How will the employer be refunded the cost? If any of the first two conditions are legitimate, then the employer would receive the refund even if the probation period has expired. However, the termination should take place within the two-year contract.

Additionally, the domestic worker is violating the contract, and the employer doesn’t have to bear the responsibility for this; the employer will receive the refund. Now, the refunded cost will depend on the remaining duration of the two-year contract.

Temporary Package

The traditional package or full-time domestic workers might not be the best deal for employers. Since it’s a two-year contract, the employer has to share his or her extra room with the domestic worker. Additionally, there will be additional costs regarding the domestic worker’s livelihood.

Instead of hiring maids under a traditional package, you can go for a temporary package. Numerous recruitment offices or agencies offer temporary packages. They provide you with a professional, skilled, and trained domestic worker within 24 hours of your request.

The temporary package also involves a contract of two years. However, the best thing about the temporary package is that the maid or domestic worker doesn’t stay with the employer. 

The agency sponsors the domestic worker, and you can hire a maid for two years. Undoubtedly, this is a more convenient option when the employer doesn’t have a spare room for the domestic worker.

Flexible Package

Are you looking for a part-time maid or domestic worker from an hour-based cleaning service? Then, the flexible package will be the best for you. Employers can hire a housemaid or domestic worker based on an hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Additionally, the employer can hire domestic workers according to their cleaning requirements.

The cost of hiring a maid under a flexible package is variable. It mostly depends on the hours of working or the type of service the maid provides. This is one of the most popular and beneficial for employers. Employers can replace the maid or domestic worker the next time.

Additionally, the employer isn’t burdened with a limit of domestic workers. On the other hand, the licensed maid agencies have to provide the domestic worker within 24 hours from receiving a request from an employer. 

Where can You Find Licensed Agencies to Hire a Maid?

MoHRE has strictly advised residents about hiring a maid only from a licensed and registered agency. Otherwise, the employer might have to face a hefty penalty or deportation. 

How to understand whether a company is licensed or not? You can ask a company about its trade licence number while searching for competent service.

You have to verify it through the MoHRE hotline. On the other hand, you can directly visit the MoHRE website. Go to the Enquiry services section, and you can search for a compatible and licensed maid agency there. Enter the details of the company, and it will let you know whether it is registered or not.

Maids in Dubai – Hire Licensed Domestic Workers in UAE

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