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Bathroom Cleaning


Below 60 Sq. Ft.

149 AED

Bathroom Cleaning


60-150 Sq. Ft.

249 AED

Bathroom Cleaning


Above 150 Sq. Ft.

299 AED

Our bathroom is a safe space for us because we use it every day. In other words, it is our sanctuary and thus is important to keep the space clean and hygienic. Bathrooms can often become a breeding place for germs and bacteria to reside. Most of the time, these are not through the naked eye, so it can be a problem. 

Additionally, the existence of these germs and viruses can often lead to health issues. That is why we’ve brought professional assistance for you. With the help of our bathroom cleaning services in Dubai, you can have a safe and reliable environment. Our services ensure a top-notch result as we use refined and modern methods to produce the best results. 

Thus, if you are bothered about having a dirty bathroom, we can provide you with prompt and impeccable assistance. You can place your trust in Maids in Dubai and get a money-valued service at your doorstep. 

bathroom cleaning

Why is Bathroom Cleaning Important?

Just like our bedroom, the bathroom is also an important aspect of the house. It is where we take showers, clean our skin, and urinate. Doing all of these implies that hygiene needs to be maintained. Our skin and body are delicate and many types of bacterial infection can occur which can eventually make us sick- like the common cold, flu, skin infection, urinary tract infection, and more. Thus, it is extremely important to keep the bathroom clean and hygienic.

But, cleaning it does not mean cleaning the surfaces. In fact, disinfecting items, treating with antibacterial compounds, and using other methods of cleaning requires a professional hand. This is where our service is here to help you. 

Services We Provide 

In order to have a hygienic and germ-free bathroom, one needs to enforce accurate and effective ways to do it. With that in mind, our expert cleaners have a lot of experience in the field that gets incorporated through our bathroom cleaning services Dubai. Moping surfaces in the bathroom such as toilet bowl, bathroom floor, sink, bathtub, showerhead, taps, etc. 

Treating affected areas with disinfectant. Getting rid of hard rusty stains. And, unclogging sink pipe, toilet bowl, and drain. By doing these, we ensure to provide top-notch and quality methodological implementation with a guarantee to have a healthy bathroom once the service is over.

What Do We Ensure Safe Bathroom Cleaning?

When it comes to bathroom cleaning, the entire process can be a bit tricky.  This is because there are hard rust stains that form in certain areas. Along with that, if your bathroom has not been cleaned for a long time, then the process can get harder. That being said, to remove the maximum amount of dirt and germs, we use compositions that are eco-friendly. Removing algae formation, or any other type of bacteria, we prefer using an effective, Dubai-approved, and pet-friendly product. Additionally, we also exercise safe cleaning by using protective gloves and masks to avoid toxins and fumes. 

Looking for Bathroom Cleaning Service?

We are identified as one of the most flexible and reliable Bathroom cleaning service providers in Dubai. Over the years, our platform has grown into a fully functioning service where we take care of what people are looking for. Thus, the demand for our services has also increased. 

Additionally, quality is what we thrive to provide and that is the major reason why thousands of people choose our service. Thus, if you want to avail of our services, then rest assured that you will get the exact results that you desire. 

How it Works?

Alongside this, you can also be at peace knowing our highly qualified servicemen work diligently to add more weight to quality in services. So, if you are interested in our services, then you can avail it with ease.

Request Procedure

When you want to book our service, fill the detailed form regarding the service, your requirements, and date and timing. We process this request for our next step. 

Allotting Professionals 

Now, upon racing your request, we go through the details. Then, find the nearest and suited professional for service. After that, we assign them to your location instantly. 

On-Time Payment 

Our payment procedure is also quite flexible. So, you can review the service and then join with us. Also, we keep a full track and transparency of any changes or additions made into the service. 

Why Choose Us?

The main motto behind our bathroom cleaning services Dubai is that we aspire to produce a healthy atmosphere where the space is hygienic for you. But, with that, you get added benefits too.

  • To optimize our service, we make sure that our service is not delayed in any possible way. 
  • With us, time gets the utmost importance. We assign experts quickly, and they arrive at your location instantly. 
  • Our services are run by a team of highly qualified professionals. These experts guarantee a quality service and render satisfying results.
  • We also know that client requirement is very important. Thus, our services are client-oriented.
  • If you have anything to add, any specific detail to focus on, then you can rely on us. 

Get Best Offers on Bathroom Cleaning Service Today!

What completes us as a whole, is the satisfaction that our clients express upon using our services. So, if you want to get your bathroom out of the mess, book a Bathroom Cleaning service with Maids in Dubai, today. Go to our official website and enjoy an easy-to-access interface. Or, call 042706946, you can get in touch with our service representatives and gain a customer support team to get done with queries and feedback. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The best way to clean a bathroom is by keeping it dry and moisture-free. Our experts then use mildew and mold removal techniques. After that, they clean the sink, toilet, drain, shower tubs and showerheads, and flush tanks. 

Our professional uses a series of techniques that differ from one bathroom to another, based on the present conditions. However, our experts first dust off molds, then disinfect all areas, and finally clean everything with effective products. 

According to experts, it is necessary for everyone to clean their bathroom, including toilet and sink, at least once a week. Other than that, the bathtub and showerheads can be cleaned once every two weeks.

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