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Price For Cleaning and Sanitization



Studio Apartment

499 AED

1 – Bedroom apartment

599 AED

2 – Bedroom apartment

699 AED

3 – Bedroom apartment

999 AED

4 – Bedroom apartment

1249 AED

5 – Bedroom apartment

1549 AED

1 – Bedroom Villa

799 AED

2 – Bedroom Villa

999 AED

3 – Bedroom Villa

1250 AED

4 – Bedroom Villa

1550 AED

5 – Bedroom Villa

1950 AED

6 – Bedroom Villa

2450 AED

The space we surround ourselves has an impact on our well-being. This is why it is always important to maintain a clean and sanitized atmosphere. But often, we fail to notice the germs and viruses around our proximity because they cannot be seen with the naked eye. This is why Maids in Dubai is here to help you out. Our Cleaning and sanitization in Dubai service ensure a safe and hygienic environment for you. Moreover, we focus on providing a clean space using top-notch cleaning and sanitization method to achieve the best results. 

So, if you are worried about your surrounding space being infected with viruses and germs, we can take care of it for you. You can place your trust with us as we provide a premium and value for money service. 

 Cleaning and sanitization

Why Cleaning & Sanitization is Important?

Our day to day or weekly activities involve us to venture outside our house and then come back home. But when we come back, we don’t notice, but we bring home a lot of germs and viruses. These germs, viruses, and bacteria can be hard to notice. But, common signs like flu, cold and occasional coughing from dusting any object suggest that your space is invaded by microorganisms. This can be hazardous to the health of you, your family, and pets. Thus, it is essential to get proper Cleaning and sanitization in Dubai service. 

Services We Provide

The entire process of cleaning & sanitizing service requires precision and effort. Our professional experts are well aware of that. So, they do the needful to apply the right method for the service. Our service includes- Surface Disinfection Treatment by Wiping, Spraying Disinfectant Solution on Object Surfaces and Second Round of Wiping With Sanitization Solution. 

These methods of cleaning and sanitization are executed carefully by our team of professionals. We keep in mind to provide you with a healthy environment using eco-friendly and pet-friendly chemical solutions. 

How we to Ensure Safe Cleaning & Sanitization?

We understand that sanitizing a surface is not as easy as it seems. Surfaces of different objects are made of different composites. That being said, the chemical solutions we use, to sanitize and clean any area or surface, are made of eco-friendly materials, so that your plants and pets are safe. We also use protective gear during the service to ensure maximum safety to you, your family, and your furry buddies. After the service, our experts advise clients to let the surfaces absorb the solution for a certain time period. 

Looking for Cleaning & Sanitization Service?

Maids in Dubai is a renowned brand in Dubai, being one of the top reliable service providers of the Cleaning & Sanitization service. We’ve built a platform based on years of experience which is why our Cleaning and sanitization in Dubai service demands are on spree. This is also why quality reflects on our service because we take care of every end, in our service. 

How it Works?

If you are interested in availing our service, we can guarantee you effective results. Along with that, we have a team of excellent servicemen who are highly capable of carrying out the service efficiently. If you’re wondering how to book our service, then you can do it easily.

Request Process

At first, we check your service request and do the needful to assist you with any particular requirements in the service. For example, sanitizing an additional room, or scheduling a certain time, etc. 

Assigning Experts

After asserting your details, we help you join with the nearest professional expert, to your vicinity. These experts arrive quickly and start the service immediately. 

Easy Payment 

Once the service is done, you can complete the payment after reviewing it. Any additional package would reflect on the service charge of which we maintain full transparency. 

Why Choose Us?

Our Cleaning and sanitization in Dubai service provide the ultimate benefit and that is a healthy home. But alongside, you will get more benefits from the service, such as:

  • We provide on-time services for optimized service. Our experts waste no time and arrive as quickly as possible. 
  • We’ve chosen our team of professionals based on their level of expertise so rest assured that you will get the best service. 
  • We understand the need for timely service. So, they finish their service on-time and only after you review and approve it. 
  • We focus on customer requirements. So, if you have any specific details to add, our experts will take care of it. 
  • You get to choose your ease of payment method and can even customize your service based on the requirements.

Get Your Cleaning & Sanitization Service Right Now!

Our services are demanded by thousands of people because we thrive to meet their expectations. So, get your Cleaning and sanitization in Dubai service and book our professionals today. Get in touch with our representative through the official website. In case of any query, you can always contact our customer support team, simply call 042706946.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cleaning deals with the removal of impurities such as germs, dirt, and bacteria from items. Meanwhile, sanitization makes any surface or objectless susceptible to germs and viruses. 

Our experts first prepare the items and make the surfaces or objects lose enough for impurities removal. After that, they clean with hot water and then sanitize the surface or the object with proper treatments. 

Cleaning and sanitization mark the ultimate hygiene of your lifestyle. To sustain a healthy life, our body needs cleanliness both inside and outside. Cleaning and sanitization ensure a healthy life for everyone.

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