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99 AED

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109 AED

159 AED

03 Seats

149 AED

239 AED

04 Seats

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199 AED

369 AED

06 Seats

499 AED

499 AED

The sofa in your living room can reflect your elegant choices with its extreme comfort and manifesting charm. However, it can cause health hazards as well if dust and dirt start accumulating over the sofa. The dusty and humid atmosphere inside the Dubai houses can make the sofa unbearable to even look at. Thus, sofa cleaning Dubai service would probably fit the best for maintaining its prime look and softness.

Maids in Dubai has made Dubai professional sofa cleaning easier with certified and trained maids along with the right set of equipment. You can relax on the couches, peacefully, after the service gets over. So, quit struggling with sofa cleaning; instead, avail our professional maids to clean the sofa sets and couches.

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Why is Sofa Cleaning Dubai Important?

If you overlook the sofa from cleaning aspects or leave the sofa wet after cleaning then it can easily attract germs that continue to grow inside it. Moreover, it can lead to indoor pollution and those stubborn stains of drinks and ketchup can be unpleasant for the guests.

In other words, the sofa can turn into a mess and gradually become a hotbed for germs. Don’t risk your health priorities by handling sofa cleaning Dubai on your own. In case you are unaware of the right techniques and products suitable for the sofa, the sofa can lose its importance. So, seek assistance at the earliest possible.

Sofa Cleaning Services we Provide

Our maids will first inspect your sofa. Depending upon the fabric and quality of the sofa, cleaning products will be chosen. Basically, our certified and experienced maids undergo the following sofa cleaning steps to make sure the sofa is free from dust and deadly germs.

  • Vacuum cleaning
  • Spot treatment
  • Shampooing
  • Steam cleaning
  • Deodorizing
  • Drying

After the maids accomplish their tasks they proceed to sanitization. Hire professional sofa cleaning Dubai services from Maids in Dubai and expect the service to get done within a few hours.

We Ensure Safe Cleaning

Our maids carry eco-friendly and human-friendly cleaning products for cleaning the sofa and couches. We take care of the quality of the sofa and our maids concentrate to maintain the smoothness and softness of the sofa after every wash. 

Additionally, the maids pay special attention while vacuuming so that not a single pet hair resides on the sofa. After washing, the sofa will be a safe zone for you, your family and your pets as well. On the other hand, the right amount of sanitizer and deodorizer free the sofa from unnecessary germ-breeding and odour. 

Looking for Sofa Cleaning Dubai Services?

Whether you are too busy to clean the sofa yourself or don’t like cleaning, just avail proficient and Dubai professional sofa cleaning services from Maids in Dubai. We have employed the best maids for sofa cleaning Dubai services. They are well-trained and have been working in the industry for numerous years. 

Moreover, we have equipped them with high-quality cleaning products and machinery so that sofa cleaning doesn’t take the entire day. The maids will thoroughly inspect the condition of your sofa. Not a single speck of dust or food crumbs will be left after sofa cleaning.

How it Works?

Availing sofa cleaning Dubai service from us is one of the easiest tasks. Share your requirements with us and our maids would reach your location.

Mention the Service you Need

You have to book the service that you require. Fill in the personal information form so that our professionals can visit you.

Maids on their Way

We will dispatch suitable maids for the service you have requested. For instance, we will send sofa cleaning experts if you have booked an appointment for sofa cleaning service.

Easy Payment Options

You can avail any of the available payment options such as cash, card, net banking, app payment, etc. Proceed with the payment and simply provide feedback after the service completes.

Why Choose us?

Trying to clean the sofa sets all by yourself might lead to waste of valuable time, money and effort. In the end, you might end up ruining the fabric or leather quality of the sofa. Alternatively, you can gain the following benefits if you entrust Maids in Dubai for premium sofa cleaning services.

  • The maids are trained and vetted. Hence, they know how to handle the sofa and retain the suppleness of your sofa for years after years.
  • The professionals have got their own set of cleaning products and tools. You need not arrange anything. Just sit back and relax.
  • Our sofa cleaning services are affordable enough. Additionally, it will eliminate dust, dirt, allergens and you achieve freshness and comfort, instead.
  • We have the requisite tools and equipment to clean the sofa of every type and irrespective of the fabric it is made of.
  • Maids in Dubai ensures that you get the best out of the service. We also guide you on how to enhance the longevity of your sofa, by sharing some professional dos’ and don’ts.

Join our Sofa Cleaning Dubai Services

Maids in Dubai present you the most reliable and hygienic sofa cleaning Dubai service. Avail our service through our easy to book user-interface. Or, you can just dial at 042706946 to fix an appointment with our skilled and veteran maids. Reach us right now!

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of couch cleaning or sofa cleaning Dubai services relies upon the size and fabric quality of the sofa. More significantly, the products used for the natural or synthetic fibre determine the cost. However, we offer pocket-friendly deals for sofa cleaning at your residence or offices.

Cleaning the sofa by yourself can be a tricky task. If you understand the requirements of the sofa quality, then you can purchase customized cleaners for the sofa. Otherwise, you can try vacuuming and steam cleaning your sofa. Shampooing the sofa can lead you to unfavourable circumstances if you can’t dry the sofa to its fullest. If the sofa remains wet at any corner, then it can grow moulds. Therefore, grab our Dubai professional sofa cleaning for the best results.

First of all, the professionals inspect the sofa for maintaining the quality standards of the furniture. Our professional maids encompass sofa cleaning Dubai with proper vacuuming, spot cleaning, shampoo, sanitizing. Avail sofa cleaning services twice a year to eradicate allergens.

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