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Price for Carpet Cleaning in Dubai

Size Of The Carpet


Large – 10×15 ft

179 AED

Medium – 08×12 ft

139 AED

Small – 05×10 ft

79 AED

Carpets add beauty to any house or office. But, at the same time, they need to be maintained and groomed from time to time. But, it can be difficult if you have a tight schedule. Moreover, carpets can absorb a lot of dust, dirt, germs, and allergens. Thus, they need to be cleaned occasionally, but thoroughly. 

And here’s why our services will be of great use to you. Maids in Dubai offer top-notch carpet cleaning Dubai Services and the professionals will assure the best result. Our team of experts uses refined quality products and modern tools for cleaning. And, every service is designed to impart high-end results. So, leave all your worries with us.

Why is Carpet Cleaning Important?

Carpets provide comfort for our feet. The smooth textures and layers of fabric can be the ultimate resort to rest our feet upon. But simultaneously, germs, allergens, bacteria, dust, and dirt can easily reside within these layers, hidden from our sight. As time proceeds, the carpet’s longevity reduces if they remain. 

This is why carpet cleaning is important. Also, a clean carpet ensures proper hygiene so that you, your family, and pets don’t fall sick from the entrapped composites. Additionally, professional carpet cleaning Dubai services ensure complete removal of any hard layer of dirt and germs.   

carpet cleaning

Services We Provide

We understand that immaculate a carpet requires more than just cleaning. Thus, we use essential cleaning methods to ensure positive results. The following are the services we provide in our carpet cleaning services:

  • Carpet Shampooing 
  • Foam Encapsulation 
  • Dry Carpet Cleaning 
  • Carpet Steam Cleaning 

We take into account minute details so that your carpet can look brand new, become germ-free and remain healthy. Additionally, we use the right kind of product to clean your carpet, based on it’s material and texture to avoid discoloration or dryness. 

We Ensure Safe Carpet Cleaning

The process of carpet cleaning requires patience and effort. Because carpets are fragile and made of textured fabric. Thus, the cleaning process needs to be precise. Our experts are well aware of that. From years of experience and skills, they’ve mastered the right of using the right products based on the material type. 

So, to ensure safety, we maintain specific protocols. Our experts rinse and shampoo carpets very gently and carefully so that the carpet’s color does not bleed gently. Also, we use eco-friendly products that produce no toxins and fumes. And, also ensure complete protection in this pandemic situation.

Looking for Carpet Cleaning Dubai Services?

Our brand is one of the most reliable and top-rated service providers in Dubai. Through the experience of many years, we’ve cultivated the art of providing the highest quality of carpet cleaning Dubai services. 

So, if you are looking for the best results, we can be your ultimate choice. Also, we’ve built a handful team of professional cleaners who are dedicated to their work field. 

How It Works?

For your convenience, we’ve made our service booking process easy. Our team of professionals is verified and certified so that your safety is not compromised.

Service Request 

The first step to our service is managing the details of your requirement in the service. We carefully check the requirements, such as specified time, any special request for cleaning carpet, and more. 

Professional Assigned 

Once we’ve assorted your requirements in the service, we assign the nearest professional to your location. The professionals arrive as soon as they can with the details and start the service instantly.  

Cost Transparency

Our services are made in such a way that everyone can benefit from it. You can use cash, credit or card to pay. So, our cost-friendly service payment comes with full transparency, offers, and warranty. 

Why Choose Us?

Our carpet cleaning Dubai services are client-oriented. Besides that, you will gain other benefits from the service, so choose your best bet.

  • We believe that time management is essential in every way. So, we do the needful to provide you with on-time services. 
  • Our experts take no time to waste but instead work diligently until the service is done. 
  • Our services are incomplete without our team of trustworthy professionals. They undergo training modules to bring out the best results in services. 
  • We focus on what our customers are looking for. So, if in the case of dissatisfaction, our experts continue the service until they’ve met the requirement.
  • We have a dedicated team of customer support, where all your queries and complaints get sorted and answered.

Get Your Guaranteed Carpet Cleaning Services

If you are looking forward to getting a carpet cleaning service, then we can guarantee you the best and effective service. Thus, reach us out on our official website to book the carpet cleaning Dubai service. Or, you can email us or call at 042706947. So, ask for a quote today!

Frequently Asked Questions 

Our carpet cleaning Dubai service charge depends on the number of carpets to be cleaned. Along with that, other factors like the addition of an extra package can add up to the original charge which is a negligible amount. 

To get the best results, steam cleaning is more effective than other carpet cleaning methods. This is because steam cleaning can penetrate through deep layers and break down hard compositions. 

Shampooing carpet will not ruin the carpet if the right products and right application are used during cleaning. Our experts are aware of that and use safe products to keep them well-maintained. 

In comparison to shampooing, steam cleaning of carpet is more beneficial as it ensures complete removal of hard layered compositions. However, both shampooing and steam cleaning produces different but effective results. 

It is advised to vacuum your carpet after cleaning it. Why? Because any residues from cleaning the carpet can be wiped out using the vacuum cleaner. Our experts can help you grab an explicit cleaning experience.

Our professional experts use a steam cleaner, Air Scrubbers, Vacuum Cleaners, Quality & Branded products, and other necessary modern tools for cleaning your carpets. Also, these tools are tested to ensure safety.

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