Hiring a Maid in the UAE: What Are the Expenses?

Hiring a Maid

Finding a maid is a worthwhile investment if you are looking to make your daily chores easier. It can help you free up a lot of time, which you can use to focus on other work. All you need is the right person for the job with enough experience. You can look for a housemaid all by yourself or contact an agency for that. In either case, the cost is an important factor that you should consider. 

The cost of hiring a maid depends on many things, as we shall see. If you want to hire one at the right price, you must first know the usual costs. Apart from that, you should also consider the various factors influencing the cost. 

Which expenses do You Deal with after Hiring a Housemaid?

The costs of a maid service mainly depend on the tasks you require assistance for. So, you must consider which chores you want your maid to handle. That will help you accurately estimate the monthly or annual costs. 

Here are some costs that most households incur after hiring a maid: 

Monthly Salary

The monthly salary is the main expense that you have to deal with after hiring a maid. In the UAE, most maids earn somewhere around AED 1,800 a month. Depending on their skills and experience, they can even ask for a higher salary. 

Hiring a highly professional maid can cost up to AED 2,000 per month. And, that makes the annual expenditure on monthly salaries a minimum of AED 2,1600. Remember that this might not be the only expenditure you must take care of. 

Residence Visa

Are you going to hire a maid directly? You would have to sponsor her residence visa as well. Right now, that costs somewhere between AED 6000 to AED 7000. If required, you can refund around AED 2000 from this amount. 

So, you will lose the rest of the amount if you cancel the visa. Approaching an agency is more viable if you want to avoid handling the residence visa costs. 

Medical Insurance

You also need medical insurance for your maid if you hire her directly. Now, that would cost you somewhere between AED 700 and 800. Since the law requires you to buy medical insurance for your maid, you cannot skip this expense. However, you can always let a maid agency take care of it if you prefer. 

Flight Expenses

UAE laws entitle maids to fly back home once every 2 years at the employer’s expense. So, you also need to consider the flight expenses while hiring a maid. As for the cost, it might take anywhere from AED 2000 to AED 4000. Also, it depends on how far the maid has to travel. 

Full-Time Maid Vs Part-Time Maid: Comparing the Costs

You can choose between full-time and part-time maids depending on your requirements. Full-time maids will usually live with you, while part-time ones will not. The expenses might differ significantly in each case. 

To give you a better idea, here are the costs you would have to pay for them: 

Finder’s Fee and Deposits

You have to pay a specific amount upfront for the agency to find a suitable maid for you. Many agencies might also demand a refundable deposit from you as a sign of commitment. For full-time maids, this amount is at least AED 15,000. 

When hiring a part-time maid, you usually have to pay between AED 3,000- 4,500. The agency will pay you back the advanced deposit after the contract ends. 

Monthly Fees

For a full-time maid, you would have to negotiate the monthly salary. Usually, you have to pay a monthly salary of AED 2,000- 3,500 to full-time maids. As for part-time live-out maids, the monthly salary is usually between AED 3,500- 6,000. 

So, you would have to pay a higher monthly salary to a part-time maid. However, part-time maids do not require some of the expenses that full-time maids do. 

Additional Expenses

Are you going to hire a full-time maid? Then, you must provide her with decent accommodation according to the law. You have to pay for her housing if there is no space in your house. 

Apart from that, you must also bear your maid’s food and phone expenses. As mentioned earlier, you also need to sponsor your maid’s visa, among other things. You must also pay for the annual flight. 

There are no additional costs for a part-time maid. You simply need to pay the deposits and monthly salary during the hiring process. The agency will take care of the maid’s additional expenses. So, that makes a part-time maid significantly less expensive than a full-time one. However, a full-time maid can be available for longer and handle more tasks. 

Should You Hire a Full-Time Maid or a Part-Time One?

Both full-time and part-time maids have their advantages and disadvantages. The one that offers you more advantages than disadvantages is better for you. With a part-time maid, you need not worry about any additional expenses. However, agencies often charge a high hourly rate for part-time maids. Also, you might not have the same maid throughout the contract period if you choose part-time. 

A full-time maid will stay around your family and can reduce more stress. They can also usually handle your children and save the expenses of hiring nannies. However, you need to pay for their additional expenses, as mentioned earlier. Some people in your family might see a live-in maid disrupting their privacy. 

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