Know the Rights of the Housemaids as Per the UAE Law

Rights of the Housemaids

The UAE president has recently approved Federal Law no 10 of 2017. This 41-article law includes provisions on housemaids’ labour contracts and official leaves. The government has also reduced their daily working hours. The maids are no longer allowed to work for 12 hours. They must complete the sponsor’s domestic chores within 7-8 hours. 

Moreover, Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan has updated the recruitment agencies list. He has also changed the dispute settlement processes in the law. MOHRE stated that this law aims at improving the employer-employee relationship. It will also ensure the housemaid’s safety and protection in the workplace. Besides, the law harmonised work conditions between an employer and their hired maids.

Are you planning to work in the UAE as a housemaid? Then you need to know the rights and entitlements of work hours and medical insurance. Additionally, the housemaids in Dubai should acknowledge the UAE law’s benefits. It will help you to avoid disputes in the workplace. 

Follow this guide to know more about the maid’s rights as per the UAE Labour Law:

What are the Basic Rights of a Housemaid in the UAE?

The UAE government set a few rules and regulations for the housemaids. The recruiting agencies need to follow those while hiring them. Otherwise, the government can take legal action against the recruiters. Based on the UAE labour law, sponsors should pay the housemaids within the 10th of every month. 

Housemaids can take one day of paid leave every week. The employers have to offer medical facilities to them. These domestic workers are allowed to take 30-days of medical leave per year. Moreover, the employee needs to provide a gratuity for maids who complete 1 year. If you have hired housemaids outside the UAE, you must pay for their round-trip ticket. However, the maids can’t return to their country until the employment contract expires.

Check the following rights of the housemaids in the UAE:

  • Legal cases filed by the housemaids are exempted from court fees.
  • The workers can refer a dispute to MOHRE. Then, the ministry will resolve the dispute amicably within two to three weeks. If MOHRE fails to solve the dispute, the matter will be referred to the UAE court.
  • The employer has to provide decent accommodation for housemaids.
  • These domestic workers get 30-days of paid vacation annually.
  • If you hire a housemaid, you must bear her living expenses.
  • Sponsors need to provide the maids with attire suitable for the job.
  • The domestic helpers need to always carry their identification papers. 
  • You must pay for the maid visa fees if you decide to terminate the maids before the contract ends.

Other Rights of the Housemaids in the UAE

The employer should provide a copy of the employment contract to the housemaids. The contract should cover the domestic helper insurance policy up to DHs 20,000. In the earlier termination cases, the agency should pay the maids AED 20,000.

Legal Prohibitions of the Housemaids in the UAE

Certain legal rights are assigned to the housemaids in Dubai. The employer won’t hire a domestic worker who is below 18. They can take legal action against the agency if they are forced to work for more than 8 hours. Moreover, the housemaids can refuse to do the tasks that aren’t covered under the contract. 

The recruiting agencies need to offer training sessions to maids. If they fail to do that, the workers can take legal steps against them. Additionally, the employer should educate the workers about the nature of their work. It would help if you also told them about the scheduled rest days that are mentioned in the law. Besides, the employer must discuss the maids’ monthly salary before hiring them.

Rules for Hiring and Recruiting the Housemaids in Dubai

The recurring agencies used to deal with the housemaids earlier. But, the UAE president revised the law and gave the responsibility to recruit maids to MOHRE. TADBEER will only make the contract of the maids from now onwards. Moreover, they will be responsible for the worker’s training, and orientation. Housemaids can apply for their visas and cancel the contract from TADBEER centres.

MOHRE recently announced the monthly salary of the maids. It can range from AED 20,000 to AED 25,000 depending on the worker’s experience or skill. However, if you are on a tight budget and still need a housemaid, contact a TADBEER centre. 

You can get maids from there for AED 10,000 to AED 15,000. Furthermore, as per the new rules, housemaids over 60 years old can renew their visas. So, know the terms and conditions and renew the maid visa now.

TADBEER Centre Packages available for the Housemaids

TADBEER centres will replace the recurring agencies at the end of the year. Their purpose is to train the housemaids and guide them in domestic work. Moreover, they will help to get the UAE residence visa for all the maids. 

The TADBEER centres in Dubai offer four packages to the employers. These are direct sponsorship, TADBEER sponsorship, time-based package and sponsorship after 6 months.

Now, let’s see how these TADBEER centre packages can benefit the maids:

Direct Sponsorship

This package provides a UAE visa to the housemaids. If the employer doesn’t apply for the maid visa, one can get that from the TADBEER centres. Once the package is booked, the sponsor can’t terminate the contract before 180 days. The sponsor needs to provide accommodation, food and medical benefits to the maids. If they refuse to do that, the housemaid can file a case against him. 

Tadbeer Sponsorship

The package involves the housemaid’s recruitment for 2 years, this means the employer can’t terminate the workers before the given period. Besides, the sponsor has to pay for the living expenses of the maids during this period. 

However, UAE residents can now hire maids from local agencies as well, after MoHRE interfered with the rules and regulations.

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